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Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a Transition Lifestyle Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Consultant; Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Health and Wellness Lifestyle Educator. 

I’m a strong will cancer survivor because I never give up. I have searched and researched the root-cause of my health challenges for years, trying to find out the reason why I had endometrial cancer; what elements made my cancer go to Level 3-C; what solutions I can have to treat my post cancer treatment symptoms, what preventative medicine and remedies can prevent cancer come back to me; what kind of diet and lifestyle I should have to keep me going another 30 years, 50 years and many more years to come……. After 10 years of studying and learning, I now can tell the world that I’ve found the solution! The solution that allows me to relive my life with more purposes, strong passion, and optimal goals. By June, 2019, I’m Cancer Free for 10 years.

Knowledge is power. By learning and taking science-approved advanced nutraceuticals – Issotonix Nutrition, by modifying my lifestyle, by massaging, meditation and regular exercises, I am able to relive my life with more positive spirit and enthusiasm. I know well that only by walking tall with great spirit and lifestyle, I can be a role model to many people who are still suffering from various health issues and deadly diseases that they don’t get answers from health professionals. And I can be alive testimonial to many people who are still suffering from cancer and post cancer treatment symptoms. Thanks to Heavenly Father who gives me tremendous encouragement and motivation to walk out of comfort zoon and be willing to share my very personal stories and testimonials to the world so that many people like me will not be afraid to fight against cancer; will never have doubt about the possibility to survive from cancer by natural healing. Everything is possible. Have a strong faith and believe. Together, we can make a difference.

Now, I’m learning new skills and gain new knowledge from Functional Nutrition. I’m so eager to find out what kind of functional nutrition method and approach we can use to remove bad cell, repair damaged cell, and replace with good cell into our body system so that we can relive our normal and healthy life. I’m even more looking forward to figuring out how to use the combination of Healthy Diet, Advanced Nutritional Supplements and Lifestyle Modification to heal, to recover the patients with various health issues, and eliminate post cancer treatment symptoms.

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Wei Wei Ning

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a Transition Lifestyle Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Consultant; Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Health, Wellness and Shopping Annuity Lifestyle Educator.

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