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I’m A Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate

Hi everyone, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a new Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate.

My life has fifty shades! Or more than fifty shades to be exact: from a school teacher, to a global financial institute officer; from a personal style coach to a lifestyle blogger; from a certified transition lifestyle coach to a holistic functional nutrition counselor. every day I see my personal growth & development, and each shade of my life experiences is a learning process, and for sure it is a turning point to my life.

I’m very honored & lucky to be able to take Functional Nutrition Lab Classes.  Being able to learn from the best in the field of Functional Nutrition, listening to the direct coaching given by the Founder & CEO of Functional Nutrition, Andrea Nakayama is a huge blessing. The Intensive Training has uplifted me and has changed my way of thinking about health & wellness; my way of helping people live in a real functional lifestyle.

Everybody is different, and every patient has his or her uniquness. No one protocal should apply to unique individual and no quick fix approach is ideal. That’s why we need Lifestyle Medicine, That’s why we need Functional Nutrition that promotes the concept of Functional Diet, Functional Nutrition and Functional Lifestyle.

With the deep understanding of Full Body Systems and professional tools, we can dig, connect and heal not only by symptoms, but based on the root-cause, help patients remove non- negotiable that may impact their well being; bring to body system with what are missing; and dismantal the dysfunction to full body capability.

Functional Nutrition Lab class gives me more than the knowledge.  It has given me the vision, the tools, the most importance, the hope for future healthcare. From Full Body System Intensives, I can visualize three-leg-stool; I understand why becoming a root-cause “detective” is so critial, why something is always good for one person but is somebody else poinson. Now everything makes so much sense!  It clicks and now all the dots are connected.

I’m very grateful to Andrea Nakayama for her hard work & creative coaching idea. She has made difficult information fun & juicy. Her well rounded knowledge about diet, functional nutrition, even her profound vocabulary makes me feel so embarrassed & shameful, but her knowledge and enthusiasm through her voice can empower me and help me move far. Yes, she will be with me today and for life.

Again, thank you so much Andrea Nakayama for letting me to be part of the journey. Together, we can change healthcare industry, together, we can change the world.


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Wei Wei Ning

I am Wei Wei Ning, an author and a blogger of https://lifestylemedicine4u.com.

I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Functional Nutrition Counselor, Digital Entreprenuer and Digital Health & Lifestyle Educator.

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