Digestive System

The Kingdom of Gut Health


Depression? You can’t address it without looking at the gut.

Cancer? You can’t address it without looking at the gut.

Multiple Sclerosis? You can not address it without looking at the health of the gut.

EVERYTHING in health can be ROOTED in digestive issues. The health of the gut is implicated in every single system in the body.

When we are born, our digestive system is like a kingdom in the middle of the forest and that kingdom lives in complete peace and harmony.

It’s a big kingdom. Your family is there. Your friends are there. And even people you don’t know are there. It’s so big, but it’s so very peaceful. And around that kingdom there’s a wall. It’s a really beautiful wall, and the people in the kingdom tend to that wall to make sure it’s well kept and remains in full integrity and beauty throughout the years.

On that wall there are knights. And those knights are buddies. They’re standing shoulder to shoulder, and they’re having a good time. But those knights have a job, and their job is to make sure that anybody coming into the kingdom isn’t going to disrupt that peace and harmony, and anybody going out of the kingdom knows where to go, they know how to get there, and they know how to conduct themselves if they encounter anything problematic.

Can you visualize this fantasy kingdom in the middle of a lush forest?
Well, that wall around the kingdom are those villi. And those knights on the wall are your good bacteria.

They are in such a good and peaceful environment and the community is so well-kept.  They know how to protect what’s coming in and what’s going out, particularly what’s going out, so that they can keep the peace in the kingdom. As a result, the forest around them is also really peaceful. The kingdom itself has set the stage for peace.

What happens when there aren’t enough knights on the wall in our fantasy kingdom?  Let’s say there’s a gap between every knight, instead of the shoulder to shoulder they take, all the knights stand apart or in distance. What do you think’s going to happen?

Well, people are likely going to come into the kingdom more easily, and people are going to move out of the kingdom without as much direction and intention. The knights can’t really keep on top of it or can not make sure that the kingdom stays in complete peace and harmony. As a result, the surrounding forest area becomes a bit chaotic and opportunistic as well.

So there might be bands of people going in and out that are disrupting that peace and harmony. And when that’s happening and the kingdom isn’t living in solace, what do you think the state of the wall will be? Is anybody tending to the wall? No. Certainly not. There’s too much chaos in the kingdom and in the forest to tend to the wall.”

That kingdom is your small intestine. That wall is the villi. And the knights are your good bacteria.

We are going to talk more about the functionality and physiology of our digestive system; Why digestive system health is our overall health; What can happen if we do not protect the kingdom of our gut health; How can we utilize Functional Nutrition (diets, nutritional supplements and lifestyle modification) to help you and your love ones to improve your digestive system health, eventually help you reach to optimal health.

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