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Winter Sickness Summer Cure

In Chinese culture, San Fu Tian “三伏天” means the hottest 40 days in the summer.  To human being, “San FuTian” is the best time to heal our sickness and improve body functionality.  Therefore, San Fu Tian is also known as The Golden Treatment Period, which starts from Jul 12th to Aug 20th in the year of 2019.

San Fu Tian includes Three Stages:

  • 1st Stage: from Jul 12th, 2019  to Jul 21st, 2019            10 days
  • 2nd Stage: from Jul 22nd, 2019 to Aug 10th, 2019        20 days
  • 3rd Stage:  from Aug 11th, 2019 to Aug 20th,2019        10 days

During these 40 days, if you can consistently & persistently take care yourself and treat your chronically diseases, you would gradually see the differences.  You will realize your body is stronger internally and externally. The reason is very simple, summer time is the best time for plants to grow, it is also the best time for human body to be healed and grow.

Most people stop growing physically at the age of 22 years old.  However, during the San Fu Tian, the Golden Growth Period of Summer, the growing process can be re-stimulated. Take advantage of this time period to meditate for healing and re-coopering; drink lot of fluid and Intake plenty of nutrients and vegetables to nourish our bodies so that you can regain your energy and bring your health back from the best natural treatments. It is called winter sickness summer cure.

Well, what you should do and not do in The San Fu Tian?

  1. Don’t let cold and wetness get into your system
  1. Don’t drink too much ice tea or ice water
  • Don’t stand under or next to the air condition
  • Don’t turn on AC so cold while you are sleeping
  • Watch out what you eat
  1. Eat more fruits & vegetables
  • Don’t eat hot & spicy food
  • Eat light, not heavy food
  • Eat more Lamb
  • Eat more chicken
  • Eat more water melon
  • Eat more bitter melon
  • Eat more Loofah
  • Modify your lifestyle
  1. Get up early
  • Exercise later in the afternoon
  • Wear loose & breathable clothes
  • Make sure you walk under shades
  • Avoid exposure to the sun
  • Wear sunscreen or sun protection all the time
  • Relax with meditation
  • Have enough sleep

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